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SpecialAdditions can handle several types of payment.

While in the checkout page, you can chose among several types of payment at the bottom of the form.
Make your choice before you get to the final portion of checkout.

Credit cards are securely processed by Paypal.
Credit card info is directly entered to the credit card
form in Paypal. SpecialAdditions
never sees the card info and no
credit card info is stored on our server.
The billing address has to be the same as the shipping address
We ship all credit card transactions to the billing address.

PayPal will use your existing Paypal account.
By selecting this option you will be passed to Paypal.

Also on the checkout form is place for special 
instructions if needed.

The store will calculate the shipping before you complete the
order on the checkout page. There are several choices of shipping carriers. Choose the best or cheapest for your shipment.

We normally ship USPS and is your choice at checkout.
We always try to ship USPS to Canada.




Choose between USPS and UPS shipping during checkout

Shipping can be calculated before checkout

Secure Shopping Online!
All major credit cards accepted.

Credit cards
are securely processed
through Paypal.




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