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Complete Cooling System Kit
Complete Cooling System Kit

Grand National

Turbo Regal

Complete Cooling System Hose Kit

Fits all 1986 and 1987 Turbo Regals

Kit includes 5 heater hoses,
heater control valve,
upper radiator hose,
lower radiator hose with internal spring
and radiator cap.

Complete Hose Kit with Heater Control Valve and radiator cap.
Lower Radiator has Internal Spring just like the GM hose to prevent
collapsing when under heavy load.

I have ran out of GM hoses and substituted Gates or Dayco Hose.
No cutting required. All cut to length.
All molded just as GM.

  • Upper molded radiator hose (Gates or Dayco)
  • Lower molded radiator hose with internal spring (Gates or Dayco)
  • Heater control valve (metal not plastic) GM 25523118
  • S hose under turbo - This is water pump to heater rail  (Gates or Dayco)
  • S hose bypass - This is water pump to intake GM 25525245 (Gates or Dayco)
  • Short L hoses - From heater control valve to heater rail/heater core ( 2 included) GM 25525213 (Gates or Dayco)
  • Long L hose - From heater rail to heater core GM 25525214 (Gates or Dayco)
  • Radiator Cap GM 10409635


Price: $199.00

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