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Manufacturer: Special Additions

Scrolling 3rd Brake Light Blue

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1978 to 1987 GM G Body

Scrolling LED Brake Light

Express Yourself !!

This 3rd brake assembly is made especially for Turbo Regals
and will work in other mid 80's G bodies with 3rd brake
light inside rear window.

Plugs directly into existing power harness if your car came from the factory with 3rd brake light.

 No cutting or modifications to factory harness.

If installing this in a car that did not come with a 3rd brake then
cut off the connector and wire +12 and -12 volts.

This is a complete 3rd brake light assembly with small handheld IR remote.

Program 5 messages up to 120 characters using supplied handheld infrared remote control.

Switch between the messages using the remote.

No PC or laptop needed for programming.

3 scrolling speeds.

Uses 12 volt battery voltage. No adapter needed.

Displays upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols.

Messages are not lost when power is removed.

Powers up to the last displaying message.

Bright enough to be read in sunlight.

Add $10 to the total if you need the metal GM 3rd brake light
mounting bracket (without screws) that mounts on the rear package tray.
The $10 will cover the mount and shipping
when purchased with the 3rd brake light.

Available in Gray, Burgundy and Blue. This auction is for BLUE.


Since the 3rd brake light units are no longer available,

these 3rd brake lights are made with a good used housing, lens and rubber.

Cleaned and painted with new LED units and remote.

Remote is ready to go with an installed CR2025 battery.

Shipped with programming instructions.


When plugged into the factory 3rd brake connector, the LED will
show the message when you step on the brake pedal.

If you want to control the 3rd brake light then wire

in a switch to the blue wire on the brake light switch

on the pedal. Otherwise plug it into the harness

on the package tray so it lights when you step

on the brake pedal.

List of character sets


0123456789!#$%&()+”’?,/=-<>^.;:\">’?,/=-<>^.;:\{}~[] at sign and space

Below are a few YouTube links
of the 3rd brake lights in action.

BACK OFF Burgundy - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

6 Scrolling Brake Lights - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Stop - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Vote for my GN - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Shipped USPS Priority

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Include Mount No
Include Mount Yes (+$10.00)
Price: $129.00

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