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Turbo and Downpipe Gasket

In Stock: 4

Buick Grand National &

Turbo Regal

Turbo to Downpipe Gasket


Turbo to Header Gasket

Gasket between turbo and downpipe or elbow


Gasket between turbo and header.

This is both our turbo gaskets combined in one sale.

One gasket will seal the turbo housing to downpipe.
The other gasket will seal the turbo to header. 
Some downpipes leak under the puck area.
Some header turbo flange are not flat and leak.
These gaskets will stop leaks. The surfaces must be clean and flat.

Made from .060 thick graphite impregnated high temp material with stainless steel core. 
Downpipe gasket can be used with the stock GM elbow, ATR, 
Meese or a Terry Houston downpipe.
Will not interfere with either the stock puck or pucks up to 1.250".
Turbo flange gasket does not hang in exhaust flow as the Riviera gasket did.
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Made in USA


Price: $38.00

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