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Manufacturer: Special Additions

Vacuum Brake Conversion Cardone

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Rebuilt Booster and New Master

Buick Grand National & Turbo Regal
Vacuum Brake Powermaster Replacement
Complete Conversion Kit

Included in this kit are the following parts:
Rebuilt 9" Dual Diaphragm Vacuum Brake Booster
New Master Cylinder
Used Brake Pedal with
New Rubber Brake Pedal Foot Pad 
New Black Silicone Vacuum Hose to Attach Booster to Vacuum Tee
New Stainless Steel Vacuum Tee

Step by Step Instructions

Rebuilt Booster is Glassbeaded and Unpainted.
Master Cylinder is New with New White Reservoir.
Vacuum tee is Stainless Steel and not plastic.
Vacuum tee good for 45 psi.

Pedal has been cleaned and
painted with zinc chromate
then painted with trim Black.
Big end has been cleaned and lubed.
Ready for installation.
Including Bolt, Nut, Plastic Bushings
and Metal spacer. 

In stock for immediate shipment. 
Shipped USPS Priority or FedEx Ground. Your choice.
FedEx or UPS will not ship to a PO box.
Insured with Signature Required.

This Kit is a Bolt In. No Cutting. No Drilling.

One modification is necessary. Tee into vacuum
line for booster vacuum. Tee and vacuum line included.
This is detailed in the instructions.

Master cylinder bore size is the same size as the Powermaster.
No need to change proportioning valve.
I know of 2 Turbo Regals with rear disc brakes with this kit.

The supplied brake pedal puts the booster rod centered 
out of the rear of the booster body.

The Powermaster brake pedal should not be used or the 
pedal will be low and hard.

The booster is 9" dual diaphragm type. 
The 12" single diaphragm does not perform as well

as the smaller dual 9”. 12" looks weird mounted 
under the hood of a Turbo Regal.

No need to hunt down accumulators, brake switches or
electric motors 
for the Powermaster. Those days
will be gone when you purchase this

Powermaster replacement kit. This is a total kit
to make the 
Powermaster go away.

1986 & 1987 Powermaster replacement.
Replace the entire Powermaster with this vacuum brake kit.

The brake pedal should changed which is included.
Booster comes with the one way vacuum fitting.

Master cylinder is New with new good looking
brake fluid reservoir.

I have heard the argument that a non Powermaster brake unit
will decrease the value of a Turbo Regal.
I say save the Powermaster unit to reinstall if and when
you decide to sell your TR. At least you will have
brakes with the vacuum setup and not have 
to worry about blowing the Powermaster fuse and having 

no brakes and no more T, TType or GN.

This kit is not difficult to install but should have 
qualified mechanic install this kit.
Instructions included.

Never have to worry about blowing the Powermaster fuse 
and plowing into a train like my wife almost did. Stepping on the
brake pedal at speed with no added assistance from the Powermaster
electric motor is like stepping on a brick. It is much worse than a
vacuum system when the engine dies at speed. 

The '89 Turbo TA Firebird with the 3.8 Turbo SFI engine 

uses vacuum brakes from the factory.
GM must have figured out the Powermaster was 

not necessary on the turbo car.

If this kit shows a number in stock
then it is ready to ship.
The number in stock is in upper left
corner under the top header.

If stock shows "Notify when back in stock" on bottom right
then the kit is 
not ready to ship. You can click
on that link and enter your email. I can let you know
when I have all parts in stock and ready to ship.
Some parts are getting hard to get.

Price: $349.00





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